Casio A-700W Watch: Waterproof, Unisex, Thickness & More

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Casio A-700W Watch: Waterproof, Unisex Design, Release Date, Case Material, Slim Profile

Is the Casio A700W waterproof?

The Casio A700W boasts a water resistance rating of 50 meters, suitable for everyday activities. While not designed for swimming or diving, it can handle handwashing and light splashes.

Is Casio A700 unisex?

Yes! The Casio A700 is a classic, retro watch with a unisex design. Its simple style, stainless steel band, and digital display make it perfect for both men and women.

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What is the release date of Casio A700W?

The Casio A700W was released in September 2019. It’s a slim, budget-friendly watch with basic features like a stopwatch and alarm.

What material is the Casio A700W case made of?

Casio A700W case is likely resin, though some sources claim steel. Check specific model details for accuracy.

How thick is the Casio A700 case?

Casio A700 case thickness is 6mm for most models, but some like A700W-M are thicker around 8.5mm. Let me know the model if you need the exact size!

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