Casio AE-1500WH Watch: Diameter, Strap Size and Release Date

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Casio AE-1500WH Watch: Get diameter, strap size, release date details

What is the diameter of Casio AE-1500WH?

The diameter of the Casio AE1500WH case is 51.2 millimeters. It also has a case thickness of 15.7 millimeters and a bandwidth of 22 millimeters.

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What is the strap size of Casio AE-1500WH?

The Casio AE1500WH strap has a standard 18mm lug width and tapers from 27mm to 21mm for a comfy fit. 

What is the release date of Casio AE-1500WH?

The Casio AE1500WH was released in March 2020. It is a popular digital watch that is known for its large face, 10-year battery life, and water resistance to 100 meters. It is also very affordable, typically priced around $25.

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