Casio DBC-32 Watch: Strap Size, Battery Type & Release Date

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Casio DBC-32 Watch: Ideal Strap Size, Compatible Battery Type, and Release Date

What is the strap size for the Casio DBC-32?

The strap size for the Casio DBC-32 is 22 mm. This means the width of the strap where it connects to the watch case is 22 millimeters.

What type of battery does the Casio DBC-32 use?

The Casio DBC-32 typically uses a CR2025 battery. This is a common lithium coin cell battery. You should be able to find it easily at most electronics stores or online.

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When was the Casio DBC-32 released?

The exact release date of the Casio DBC-32 is a bit difficult to pinpoint. It was most likely launched sometime in the early to mid-1980s, possibly around 1983 or 1984. There isn’t much precise info online about its release. But, it’s known to be one of Casio’s earlier Databank models. It came out alongside the CD-40 and CD-401.

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