Casio DW-290 Watch: Size, Battery Life, Strap Width Revealed

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Casio DW-290 Watch: Compact Size, Extended Battery Life, Optimal Strap Width

What size is the Casio DW290?

  • Standard size: The standard Casio DW290 has a case size of 50.6 mm x 46.8 mm x 14.3 mm.
  • Compact size: There is also a compact version of the DW290, called the DW290C, which has a case size of 44.6 mm x 40.4 mm x 12.2 mm.

So, which size is right for you? If you have a larger wrist, you’ll probably be more comfortable with the standard size. But if you have a smaller wrist, the compact size might be a better fit.

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What is the battery life of the Casio DW290 watch?

The official battery life of the Casio DW290 watch is approximately 2 years on a CR2016 battery.

What is the width of the Casio DW290 strap?

The width where the strap meets the watch case (lug width): This is 19mm. This is the most important measurement when purchasing a replacement strap, as it needs to fit snugly between the lugs of your watch.

The overall width of the strap: This is 24mm. This is the widest part of the strap, and it gives the watch a bold, sporty look.

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