Casio EAW MRW-200H Watch: Battery Type and Strap Size

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Casio EAW MRW-200H Watch: Optimal Battery Type and Suitable Strap Size Guide

What type of battery does the Casio EAW MRW-200H watch use?

The Casio EAW MRW-200H watch uses an SR626SW battery. This is a common type of battery used in many Casio watches, as well as other brands. It is a small, silver battery with a 1.55v voltage.

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What is the strap size of the Casio EAW MRW-200H watch?

The Casio EAW MRW-200H watch has a strap size of 18mm. This means that the distance between the two spring bars that connect the strap to the watch case is 18 millimeters.

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