Casio F-91W Review

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Casio F-91W Watch Full Review

The Casio F-91W is a digital watch that was first released in June 1989. It is one of the most popular watches in the world, with over 3 million units sold annually.

The watch is well-known for its simple design, low price, and long battery life. It has many features, including a stopwatch, alarm, and backlight.

It is a popular watch for everyone. It is great for many things, like everyday use, sports, and travel.

In fact, we classified it as one of our best casio watches of all time.

In this review, we will discuss the Casio F-91W Watch. We’ll discuss its specs, features, design, popularity, user feedback, value, pros, cons and more.

Let’s get started…..

Casio F-91W Watch Review

1. Product Specifications

Date First AvailableMarch 5, 2022
Strap MaterialResin
Closure TypeBuckle
Battery TypeCR2016
Battery LifeApprox. 7 years
Water ResistanceNot suitable for swimming
Amazon’s ChoiceIn Men’s Wrist Watches
Water Resistance30 Meters
Price$16.29 (Check Today’s Price)

2. Features and Functions

  • Water-resistant: It can handle water splashes, rain, and hand washing. It’s water-resistant to 30 meters (100 feet). But, it is not suitable for swimming. This makes it a suitable watch for everyday wear, even in active lifestyles.
  • Stopwatch: The stopwatch feature is useful for athletes timing laps or cooks monitoring roasts. It’s accurate up to 1/100 of a second, making it a reliable tool for any timing needs.
  • Daily alarm: Never miss or forget another important event with our daily alarm feature. This feature helps you stay organized for meetings, medications, and wake-up calls. It also keeps you on schedule.
  • Auto calendar: The auto-calendar is a subtle but useful feature. It automatically adjusts the date, so you don’t have to worry about it
  • 12/24-hour format: Some people like the 24-hour clock, also called military time. It offers both 12 and 24-hour formats, allowing you to choose based on your preference.
  • Battery life: Lasting 7 years on a CR2016 battery for reliable performance.

3. Design and Aesthetics

  • LED light: Incorporates an LED light for easy time reading in low-light conditions.
  • Resin Strap: A classic resin strap, that combines durability with a comfortable fit.
  • Compact and lightweight: Designed to be compact and lightweight, providing comfort for all-day wear.
  • Watch face: Showcases a clear and easy-to-read watch face, enhancing readability.
  • Sleek and timeless design: Boasts a sleek and timeless design, suitable for a wide range of occasions.
  • Color options: Available in various colors including Black, Clear, Clear Blue, Clear Pink, Gold, Green, Grey, and White, allowing for personal style preferences.

4. Historical Significance and Popularity

The iconic Casio F-91W watch, available since March 5, 2022, is globally celebrated for its durability and classic design.

Amazon’s Choice: The Casio F-91W is a highly-rated watch for men that is well-priced. It has been named Amazon’s Choice in the Men’s Wrist Watches category. This means that it is a recommended choice for shoppers.

In the last month alone, over 8000 units were sold on Amazon, and this fact is a testament to the watch’s enduring popularity. It’s not a passing trend; it’s a timepiece that has truly endured.

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5. User Reviews and Feedback

Overall Rating:

Casio F-91W Watch Customer Reviews

There are over 48,290 reviews on Amazon, and they have given it an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.

The high rating shows most users are very happy with their purchase. They think the watch is reliable and useful.

Feature-Specific Ratings:

Casio F-91W Watch Feature Specific Ratings
Accuracy4.7Suggests that the watch keeps time very well
Timer Function4.7Indicates that the stopwatch feature is reliable and useful
Value for Money4.6Shows that customers find the watch to be a good deal
Easy to Read4.5Suggests that the watch dial is clear and easy to read
Water Resistance4.5Indicates that the watch performs well against accidental splashes but is not suitable for swimming
Built-in Light3.6Points to room for improvement in the lighting feature

6. Value and Price

The Casio F-91W is budget-friendly, durable, and accurate. It has essential features, making it an excellent value for those on a budget.

It’s currently discounted to $16.27, which is 29% off its regular price of $22.95.

Clear$21.92 (Check Today’s Price)
Black$16.29 (Check Today’s Price)
Clear Blue$22.95 (Check Today’s Price)
Clear Pink (Women)$22.95 (Check Today’s Price)
Gold$16.88 (Check Today’s Price)
Green$16.88 (Check Today’s Price)
Grey$16.88 (Check Today’s Price)
White$20.40 (Check Today’s Price)

7. Pros and Cons


  • Durability: Many users appreciate the ruggedness of these watches. They seem to withstand everyday wear and tear, including exposure to water.
  • Affordability: The affordability of Casio watches is a recurring positive aspect. Users find them to be excellent value for money.
  • Versatility: People love how these watches can be used for occasions like formal events or sports.
  • Design: The watch is loved because it has a classic, timeless design that is simple and versatile.
  • User-Friendly: A lot of people love the watch because it’s easy to use, especially the setup process.
  • Low maintenance and reliable timekeeping: Many users highlight the watch’s low maintenance. They report only around four battery replacements in 30 years. The timepiece is lauded for its exceptional accuracy. It is often compared to the precision of the Atomic Clock.
  • Practicality for various environments: Some users appreciate the watch’s versatility in both secure workspaces and outdoor activities. It’s a reliable and cost-effective choice, surpassing more expensive watches in various situations.


  • Strap issues: The strap may be uncomfortable for some users and may tear over time. But it is also affordable and easy to replace.
  • Limited dim backlight: Some users think the watch’s backlight is not bright enough, but others say it’s okay. It might not bother everyone.
  • Mode switching issues: Switching between 12-hour and 24-hour modes can be a hassle, but the watch’s process is simple.
  • Small size: The watch is quite small and may not be suitable for everyone. Yet, this also makes it good for people with smaller wrists or who like a simpler look.

Frequently Asked Questions about Casio F-91W Watch

Can this watch display two time zones?


Which type of battery does it require for replacement?


Does the watch have a backlight for night visibility?

Yes, it has a dim backlight activated by a button

Where was the watch made?


Is there a timer available?

No, but it has an alarm and stopwatch function.

Can I disable all beeping sounds?

Yes, you can turn off every beep.

Can I see if all the sounds are turned off on the watch?

Yes, but the icons are so small that you might need a magnifying glass to see them.

What temperature range is suitable for this watch?

-10℃ to 60℃

Does the watch work for pool diving?

Not for deep diving, but okay for shallow water and showers.

Is this suitable for an 11-year-old boy?

Yes, it should be a good fit. The watch is not too large, so it should comfortably fit on his wrist.

Can ladies wear this?

Absolutely, no problem! It’s a small-faced watch.

Can you see the time in the dark with a backlight?

Yes, but it might be difficult in complete darkness. The backlight is relatively weak.

Is setting this easy?

Absolutely, super easy!

Is a battery needed for this watch?

Yes, the watch requires a battery, and one is included with the purchase.

Mechanical or battery-powered?



The Casio F-91W is more than a watch. It represents reliability, functionality, and timeless design. From its high user ratings to its status as Amazon’s Choice, every aspect of this watch screams value. This watch has an LED light, stopwatch, and daily alarm. It’s great for everyday use.

Looking for a watch that’s affordable, reliable, and packed with features? Try the Casio F-91W Watch. Don’t miss out on its current discounted price.

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