Casio G-Shock DW-6900 Watch: Accuracy, Waterproof, Price & More

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Accuracy, Release Date, Waterproof, Price and thickness of Casio G-Shock DW6900 Watch

How accurate is the G-Shock DW-6900?

The accuracy of the G-Shock DW6900 is rated by Casio as ±15 seconds per month. This means that on average, the watch could gain or lose up to 15 seconds over a month.

Is the G-Shock DW-6900 waterproof?

The G-Shock DW6900 is waterproof for swimming, snorkeling, and even scuba diving, with a 200-meter water resistance rating. Just remember to avoid operating buttons underwater, keep it away from hot water, and give it a rinse with clean water after your dives. Enjoy your underwater explorations!

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What is the release date of G-Shock DW-6900?

The G-Shock DW6900 was first introduced in March of 1995, and it remains a popular choice today, even with the latest models released in December 2023. Its enduring appeal comes from its reputation for toughness, stylish design, and affordability.

How much is the Casio G-Shock DW-6900?

The price of the Casio G-Shock DW-6900 can vary depending on the specific model and retailer. However, you can generally expect to pay between $40 and $150 for a new one.

Casio G-Shock DW6900-1V: $54.00 on Amazon

How can I tell if my G-Shock DW-6900 is real?

  • Deep matte black resin with a rough texture, not shiny.
  • Crisp “Energy Shock” logo with a slightly thicker outline.
  • Perfectly aligned and centered markings/buttons.
  • Sharp, consistent printing on buttons and bezel.
  • Soft, flexible, matte-finish resin strap.
  • Clean, sharp Casio logo on buckle.
  • Bright, even backlight.
  • Smooth, clicky buttons with all functions working.

If anything’s off, it’s best to play it safe and get it checked by an authorized Casio dealer.

How thick is the G-Shock DW-6900?

It is officially 18.7mm thick but feels thicker due to the large display, recessed screen and prominent button.

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