Casio LA-11WB Review

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Casio LA-11WB Watch Full Review

Looking for a stylish and affordable watch that keeps up with your active life? Look no further than the Casio LA-11WB. This digital watch for women has a sporty design with a touch of classic charm. It has essential features like an alarm, stopwatch, and perpetual calendar. And, it’s all at an affordable price. 

In fact, we classified it as one of our best casio watches for women.

In this review, we will discuss the Casio LA-11WB Watch. We’ll discuss its specs, features, design, popularity, user feedback, value, pros, cons and more.

Let’s get started…..

Casio LA-11WB Watch Review

1. Product Specifications

Model numberEAW-LA-11WB-1
Part NumberLA11WB-1
Item ShapeOctagonal
Dial window material typeMineral
Display TypeDigital
Case materialResin
Case diameter26 millimeters
Case Thickness8 millimeters
Band MaterialResin
Band sizeWomens
Band width14 millimeters
Band ColorBlue
Dial colorDigital
Bezel materialResin
Bezel functionStationary
CalendarPerpetual Calendar
Special featuresAlarm, Perpetual Calendar
Water Resistance30 Meters
Price$16.25 (Check Today’s Price)

2. Features and Functions

  • Quartz Movement: Ensures accurate timekeeping and reliability.
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters, suitable for everyday use, and can withstand accidental splashes (not suitable for swimming).
  • Daily alarm: Helps you stay on schedule and never miss an important appointment.
  • Stopwatch: Includes a 1/100-second stopwatch for precise timekeeping.
  • Perpetual Calendar: Convenient perpetual calendar functions for seamless date tracking.

3. Design and Aesthetics

  • Digital display: Easy to read, even in low light conditions.
  • Dial: The Blue dial border enhances the overall sporty aesthetics.
  • Lightweight and comfortable: The resin case and band make the watch lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long.
  • Closure: Buckle closure ensures a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Compact Size: The case is 26mm wide and 8mm thick. It’s a small accessory for wrists of all sizes.
  • Multiple color options: Available in black, white/pink, and white/white. You can pick the color that best suits your style.

4. History and Popularity

The Casio Women’s Vintage LA11WB-1 watch, launched in 2003, boasts durability, quartz movement, perpetual calendar, and alarm features.

In the past month alone, over 400 units of a certain watch sold on Amazon. This reflects the watch’s popularity and trust among buyers.

5. User Reviews and Feedback

Casio LA-11WB Watch Customer Reviews

The watch has garnered a strong overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on over 5,570 global reviews. Users appreciate its combination of style, functionality, and affordability.

6. Value and Price

This watch offers exceptional value for budget-conscious shoppers. Priced at $16.25 with a 29% discount from its list price of $22.95.

Black$16.25 (Check Today’s Price)
White/Pink$21.00 (Check Today’s Price)
White/White$19.20 (Check Today’s Price)

7. Pros and Cons


Durability: Many reviewers have reported the longevity of the watch, with some users reporting over 20 years of use.

Small and lightweight: Many users appreciate the size and weight of the watch, finding it comfortable to wear and unobtrusive.

Simple and easy to use: Many reviewers appreciate the basic functionality and straightforward design of the watch.

Inexpensive: This is a very affordable watch, making it a good value for the price.

Easy-to-Read Display: While there are comments about small text size, the overall readability of the display is still considered good. The inclusion of an hourly time signal adds to the watch’s user-friendly nature.

Timer Functionality: The quick-set timer feature is highly praised, allowing users to easily set timers for 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes. This feature proves to be practical for tasks, cooking, and managing time efficiently.

Water Resistance: Users like the watch’s water resistance. It suits activities with water, like swimming and working with dogs in water.

Multiple functionalities: The countdown timer is the star. Reviewers also like features like the stopwatch, alarm, calendar, and hourly time.


Small watch face: Many reviewers found the watch face to be too small. It was hard to read, especially in low light. While the watch face is on the smaller side, it is known for its lightweight and comfortable design, perfect for those who dislike bulky watches.

Quiet alarm: Several reviewers reported that the alarm was not loud enough to wake them up. This was especially true in noisy places. If you are a light sleeper, the alarm should be sufficient. However, if you are a heavy sleeper, you might want a watch with a louder alarm. Or, you could pair it with another alarm clock.

FAQs about Casio LA-11WB Watch

What steps should I follow to disable the hourly beep?

To disable the hourly beep, enter the alarm settings (often indicated by a bell icon). Then, use the designated button (usually labeled “C” or similar) to turn off the hourly time signal. You can also refer to your device’s manual (page 1) for specific instructions.

Does this watch automatically update for different time zones and daylight saving time?

No, this watch won’t automatically adjust for different time zones or daylight saving time. However, you can easily change the settings manually to reflect the desired time zone and any daylight saving time changes.

Does it have the capability to show military time?

No, it only displays the standard 12-hour time format.

Is it suitable for daily swimming use?

No, it is designed to be water-resistant, but it lacks full waterproof capabilities.

Can it show the date?

Absolutely, the date will be displayed.

The product image doesn’t show the date. Is it necessary to press a button to display it?

To view the date and day of the week, simply press the button located at the bottom right of the watch.

Is it possible to wake up from the sound of the alarm?

No, especially if you’re a deep sleeper.

What is the maximum number of alarms that can be set?

You can set only one alarm.

Does this battery last 10 years like other Casio watches?

The official guide mentions a 2-year battery life. But, based on my experience with several of these watches, they typically last at least 5 years, even with frequent use of the timers. (user said)

Which type of battery is required for this watch?

This watch uses an SR116W battery.

Is it possible to remove the watch band and replace it with a different one?

Yes, you have the option to remove and switch out the band.

Is there a backlight feature?


Is this watch suitable for military or basic training purposes?

This watch is mainly for timekeeping. It may not handle strong impacts. So, it’s less suitable for military or basic training.


The Casio LA-11WB watch is affordable, functional, and timeless. It is light. It is water-resistant. It has key features like an alarm, stopwatch, and calendar. This makes it a practical choice for everyday wear. However, it lacks a backlight and has fewer functions than advanced sports watches.

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