Casio LA-20WH Review

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Casio LA-20WH Watch Full Review

Looking for a stylish yet budget-friendly watch? Look no further than the Casio LA-20WH. This classic timepiece has a timeless design and everyday functionality. It is a popular choice for anyone seeking a reliable and comfortable watch that’s affordable.

In fact, we classified it as one of our best casio watches for women.

In this review, we will discuss the Casio LA-20WH Watch. We’ll discuss its specs, features, design, popularity, user feedback, value, pros, cons and more.

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Casio LA-20WH Watch Review

1. Product Specifications

Model numberLA20WH-4A1
Part NumberLA-20WH-4A1CF
Model Year2020
Item ShapeSquare
Dial window materialMineral
Display TypeDigital
Case materialResin
Case diameter30 millimeters
Case Thickness9 millimeters
Band MaterialResin
Band size8 inches
Band width9 millimeters
Band ColorPink
Dial colorGray
Bezel materialResin
Bezel functionStationary
Special featuresSecond-hand, Alarm
Item weight17.01 Grams
Water Resistant30 Meters
Price$16.88 (Check Today’s Price)

2. Features and Functions

  • Water Resistance: 30 meters water-resistant, suitable for everyday use. Can withstand accidental splashes, but not recommended for use while swimming.
  • Alarm Functionality: Equipped with a daily alarm for added convenience.
  • Stopwatch Feature: Includes a 1/100 second stopwatch for precise timing.
  • Quartz Movement: Ensures accurate timekeeping and reliability.
  • Auto Calendar: Features an auto calendar with module 3284 and approximately 5 years of battery life (using CR1616).
  • LED Light: Enhanced visibility with LED light for clear time display.

3. Design and Aesthetics

  • Compact Design: Square-shaped case with a 30mm diameter and 9mm thickness, making it a stylish and practical accessory.
  • Resin Material: The case and band are made of durable resin, providing both a lightweight feel and durability.
  • Gray Dial with Pink Accents: The gray dial complements the overall aesthetics, with pink detailing enhancing the visual appeal.
  • Buckle Clasp: The watch is secured with a buckle clasp, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Color Options: Available in various color combinations, such as Black/Black, Pink/White, Black, and Grey/Pink. This lets you show your personal style.

4. History and Popularity

The Casio LA-20WH watch debuted on October 9, 2017, gaining popularity, especially on Amazon, among women.

It witnessed over 700 units sold last month alone. This underscores its broad appeal and trust among buyers on the platform.

5. User Reviews and Feedback

Casio LA-20WH Watch Customer Reviews

It has a great rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is based on over 8,030 global ratings. Users widely agree the watch performs well and has good features. So, it got a positive reception.

6. Value and Price

The watch provides great value for its price. It offers outstanding affordability at just $22.95.

Deep Black$19.97 (Check Today’s Price)
Pink/White$16.88 (Check Today’s Price)
Black$16.88 (Check Today’s Price)
Grey/Pink$20.40 (Check Today’s Price)

7. Pros and Cons


Durable and long-lasting: Many reviewers mentioned the watch’s impressive durability, lasting for years even through tough conditions like workouts, swimming, and accidental drops.

Affordability: Multiple reviews highlight the cost-effectiveness of the watch, providing excellent value for the price.

Comfortable and Lightweight: The watch is praised for its lightweight design, making it comfortable for everyday wear, sports, and activities.

Simple and Easy to Use: Users appreciate the simplicity of the watch’s design and functions, making it easy to operate without unnecessary complexity.

Long Battery Life: Users appreciate that the watch doesn’t need frequent charging. This makes it reliable for long periods, including outdoor activities and travel.

Functional Features: The watch has many useful features, including a stopwatch, alarms, easy date and day display, and military time functionality.

Stylish and Cute Designs: Positive remarks about the aesthetic appeal, with comments on cute colors like pink and gray.

Reliability Over Time: Testimonials about the watch lasting for years, with some users reporting usage spanning decades.


Size and Dimension Mismatch: Several customers expressed disappointment with the size of the watch, finding it smaller than expected. It is beneficial to carefully check the dimensions on the product page before purchasing to ensure it meets size expectations.

Button Difficulty: Multiple reviews mentioned stiff and hard-to-press buttons, causing inconvenience during setup and adjustment. It can be highlighted that some models may have a break-in period for buttons to become more user-friendly, and the stiffness indicates durability.

Frequently Asked Questions about Casio LA-20WH Watch

Is military time (01:00-23:59 hours) supported by this watch?

Yes, the watch can be set to display time in military time.

Can I use this to track the time in two different time zones when I travel?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t offer a dual-time function.

Can I see the time on this watch in the dark?

Yes, the watch has an LED backlight that allows you to see the time in low-light conditions.

What is the volume of the alarm and does it have a vibrate function?

The alarm uses the standard high-pitched beep sound and does not have a vibrate function.

How many alarms are included in this watch?

This watch features a single (1) daily alarm. Additionally, it includes an hourly alarm feature that can be enabled or disabled as needed.

How can I disable the automatic alarm on this watch?

To turn off the automatic alarm, While in the Alarm Mode press the A button (top left) to switch the hourly time signal to off.

What is the minimum wrist size to which the band can be adjusted? Is it suitable for a child’s wrist?

I must express my appreciation for this watch. Regarding fitting a child’s wrist, it depends on the individual wrist size. The band is made of plastic or silicone. It seems possible to use a proper tool to punch an extra hole for a better fit. Additionally, I can confirm that it fits my 5-year-old daughter nicely. (user said)

Does this stopwatch measure time down to the hundredth of a second (0.01 seconds)?

Yes, the stopwatch can measure time up to 59 minutes and 59.99 seconds, meaning it has a resolution of one-hundredth of a second.

Does this watch include a countdown timer?

No, it features a stopwatch and alarm but does not have a countdown timer.

What material is used for the screen of the watch – plastic or glass?

The screen of the watch is made of plastic (resin).


The Casio LA-20WH is a great choice. It’s for those who want a simple, useful, and cheap watch. Its classic design, comfortable wear, and long battery life make it a versatile option for everyday use. It lacks advanced features. But, its easy-to-use interface, low price, and good user reviews make it a great deal. It’s for budget-conscious watch wearers.

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