Casio LWS-1000H Review

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Casio LWS-1000H Watch Full Review

Calling all runners and fitness enthusiasts! Looking for a reliable watch that keeps pace with your active lifestyle without breaking the bank? Look no further than the Casio LWS-1000H. This sporty timepiece has important features. It has a stopwatch, lap memory, and long battery life. These are all in a water-resistant design. 

In fact, we classified it as one of our best casio watches for women.

In this review, we will discuss the Casio LWS-1000H Watch. We’ll discuss its specs, features, design, popularity, user feedback, value, pros, cons and more.

Let’s get started…..

Casio LWS-1000H Watch Review

1. Product Specifications

Model numberLWS- 1000H- 8AVCF
Item ShapeRound
Dial window material typeGlass
Display TypeDigital
Case materialResin
Case diameter43.6 millimeters
Case Thickness12.2 millimeters
Band MaterialResin
Band sizeWomen’s Standard
Band width19.3 millimeters
Band ColorBlack
Dial colorGray
Bezel materialResin
Bezel functionStationary
Special featuresWater Resistant, LED Light
Item weight25.85 Grams
Water resistant depth100 Meters (330 Feet)
Price$23.22 (Check Today’s Price)

2. Features and Functions

  • 1/100s Stopwatch: Accurately measure elapsed time with split-second precision.
  • 60 LAP Memory: Store up to 60 lap time records for easy tracking of your activities.
  • 24-hour countdown timer with auto-repeat: Set timers for interval training or any activity requiring precise timing.
  • 100 M Water Resistance: Suitable for everyday wear, swimming, and snorkeling.
  • 3 multi-function alarms with 1 snooze alarm: Stay on schedule and never miss a beat with multiple alarms and a handy snooze function.
  • Daily step counter: Monitor your daily activity levels and stay motivated on your fitness journey (assuming this based on common features in Casio runner watches).
  • Dual time display: Keep track of both your local time and another time zone, perfect for travel or staying connected across distances.
  • Calendar (displays day, date, and month): Stay organized and never miss an important event.
  • LED backlight for illumination in low-light conditions: Easily see the time and other functions during low-light workouts or evenings.

3. Design and Aesthetics

  • Digital Display: The round dial hosts a digital display, providing clear visibility of time and other functions.
  • Runner Series Design: Combining style and functionality for the active individual.
  • Color Scheme: A striking combination of black resin band, white case, and blue accents gives it a sporty yet sophisticated appearance.
  • Lightweight Build: Its sleek and lightweight construction ensures comfort during extended wear.
  • Resin Bezel: The stationary resin bezel complements the overall design while adding durability.
  • Modern Dial: The gray dial color enhances the contemporary appeal of the watch.
  • Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials like glass dial window, ensuring longevity and clarity in display.

4. History and Popularity

The Casio Women’s LWS-1000H-1AVCF Runner Series Watch gained popularity since its 2019 launch, earning Amazon’s Choice status.

In the past month alone, Amazon has witnessed a surge in the popularity of watches, with over 50 units sold.

5. User Reviews and Feedback

Casio LWS-1000H Watch Customer Reviews

The watch boasts an impressive overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, based on over 820 global ratings.

6. Value and Price

The Casio LWS-1000H watch was originally $29.95. Now, on Amazon, it’s $23.26 (22% off). It has great value with its strong features and tough build.

Black/White$23.22 (Check Today’s Price)
Black$21.92 (Check Today’s Price)

7. Pros and Cons


Effortless Timekeeping: Users appreciate the ease of telling time without any hassle, making it convenient for everyday use.

Step Counting: The watch accurately counts steps, making it suitable for fitness tracking without the need for additional devices or apps.

Comfortable Wear: Multiple reviewers mention the comfortable fit and feel of the watch, making it suitable for extended wear throughout the day.

Water Resistance: Its water-resistant feature allows for everyday activities like showering and even underwater use during activities like swimming or snorkeling.

Ease of Setup: Despite some initial setup required, users find it easy to set up and operate after referring to the manual.

Long Battery Life: The watch doesn’t require frequent charging, making it reliable for continuous use without interruption.

Multiple Functions: It offers features like multiple alarms, countdown timer, and lap/split timing, catering to different user needs and activities.

Durable Build: The watch’s sturdy construction ensures durability, with some users even testing its resilience in various conditions like underwater or during power washing.

Accurate Tracking: Users find the step counting and timing functions to be accurate, enhancing its reliability for fitness and daily use.

Suitable for Various Users: The watch is versatile and suitable for different age groups, including children, adults, and seniors, due to its comfortable fit and functionality.

Attractive Design Options: With various color options available, users can choose a design that suits their preferences and style.


Difficulty with Functionality: Several users found the watch hard to use. They had trouble with its features, like the light and mode navigation. However, the manufacturer is committed to improving the user experience. Updates or newer models are likely to fix these concerns and offer a smoother experience.

Comfort and Design Issues: Users have reported discomfort from watch straps and metal latches. This has affected their overall experience. Manufacturers are expected to focus on ergonomic design in the future. They need to do this to ensure straps fit well and metal parts don’t cause discomfort.

FAQs about Casio LWS-1000H Watch

Is it possible to set it for military time (24-hour format)?

Yes, you can switch it to military time.

Is there a GPS mode available on this watch?


Can I set the timer to vibrate instead of making a sound?

No, there isn’t.

Is the alarm volume high enough for me?

Yes, it’s loud enough.

Does the watch always show both the time and date?

Yes, the watch can display both time and date at the same time.

I have a 6-inch wrist. Will this watch be too big?

Yes, it should accommodate a 6-inch wrist comfortably.

How reliable is the step tracker?

It seems pretty good! I wore it alongside my Fitbit for a day and the counts were very close, within 20 steps of each other. Even though they were on different wrists, the tracker I’m testing kept up with my Fitbit. (user said)

What is the lifespan of the battery?

The battery typically lasts for up to 5 years.


The Casio LWS-1000H is a compelling option for runners and fitness fans on a budget. It has a user-friendly design. It has essential running features like a stopwatch and lap memory. It also has an impressive 5-year battery life. And it is all at a budget-friendly price. It offers excellent value. It might lack some advanced smartwatch features. But, for those who want a simple and reliable watch to track workouts and stay active, it is a top choice.

Don’t miss this opportunity on the Casio LWS-1000H Watch: Purchase now!

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