Casio W-217H Watch: Strap Length, Accuracy, & Release Date

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Strap Size, Accuracy, Release Date of Casio W-217H Watch

How long is the Casio W217H strap?

The original Casio W217H strap is 21cm (centimeters) long. It includes both the long and short sections from the buckle tip to the end of the opposite strap. This measurement gives you the total length of the strap.

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How accurate is the Casio W217H?

The Casio W217H’s accuracy is officially rated at ±30 seconds per month. This means the watch could theoretically gain or lose up to 30 seconds in a single month. However, real-world user experiences can vary.

What is the release date of Casio W217H?

Unfortunately, the exact release date of the Casio W217H is not publicly available. It’s likely been around for at least a few years, as there are YouTube videos from 2017 showcasing the watch. Casio doesn’t typically announce release dates for their basic timepieces like the W217H.

It is estimated to have been released sometime in the early 2000s, possibly closer to 2003-2005.

However, the W217H is still a popular and readily available model, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one if you’re looking to purchase it. 

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