Casio W-59 Watch: Strap Size and Release Date (Quick Guide)

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Casio W-59 watch strap size and release date guide

What size strap is a Casio W-59?

The Casio W-59 watch has a strap width of 18 mm. It is a classic digital watch that is known for its simple design and functionality. If you want to replace the strap, use an 18 mm width strap. It will work with the watch. It’s a good idea to double-check or measure the existing strap. Keep in mind that there may be slight variations. Be certain to ensure accuracy.

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When did the Casio W-59 come out?

The Casio W-59, originally released in 1982, is a model that has been part of Casio’s lineup for many years. It has since become a popular and iconic digital watch. Pinpointing the exact release date for the W-59 model proves challenging. This is because Casio has created different variations of it over the years. The Casio W-59 has been available for decades. It is a budget-friendly and reliable choice for a simple digital watch.

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