Casio Watch: The Manufacturing Origins Revealed

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Where is Casio's Watch Made

Casio watches are manufactured in various locations. These include Japan, China, Thailand, and other countries. The specific location of production can depend on the model and series of the watch. 

Where is Casio’s Watch Made?

Casio Headquarters:

  • Japan: Casio is a Japanese company headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Manufacturing Locations:

  • Japan: Casio still maintains some manufacturing facilities in Japan. They are primarily for high-end and premium models. These models often carry the “Made in Japan” label. These usually include some G-Shock watches, calculators, and electronic instruments.
  • China: Many affordable and mid-range Casio products are manufactured in China. These include basic watches, calculators, and keyboards.
  • Thailand: Thailand is another significant manufacturing location for Casio. It produces many affordable and mid-range watches, especially G-Shock models.
  • Other locations: In the past, Casio also had manufacturing facilities in other countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. But now, their main activities are in these places.

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Important Point:

  • Specific model information: To find out where a Casio product was made, check the “Made in” label on the product. You can also look online for the specific model’s manufacturing location.

Additional Facts:

  • Casio products undergo quality control procedures, regardless of their manufacturing location. This ensures they meet the company’s standards.
  • For some consumers, the “Made in Japan” label can hold prestige. They value the historical connection and may see higher quality. However, quality doesn’t solely depend on the manufacturing location. Many non-Japan-made Casio products offer excellent value and performance.

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