Casio Edifice: Real vs. Fake – A Guide to Identifying Authenticity

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Authenticity Check: Identifying Genuine Casio Edifice Watches

Casio Edifices are known for their sporty style and packed features, making them a popular watch choice. Unfortunately, their popularity also makes them a target for counterfeiters. If you’re rocking an Edifice and want to be sure it’s the real deal, here are some ways to check its authenticity:

1. Check the Seller and Price:

  • Authorized Retailers: Casio has a network of authorized retailers. Buying from them guarantees authenticity. Look for a list of authorized retailers on Casio’s website.
  • Price: If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Edifice watches are known for their quality and typically don’t come at bargain-basement prices.

2. Examine the Watch:

Craftsmanship: Casio Edifices are known for their quality construction. Examine the watch closely for any imperfections, misaligned markings, or sloppy printing on the dial or caseback. Genuine Edifices will have clean lines and sharp details.

Weight: Casio Edifices typically have a certain weight due to the quality materials used. If your watch feels unusually light, it could be a sign of cheap components used in a fake.

3. Verify the Details:

Model number: Every Casio Edifice has a unique model number engraved on the back of the case. Look up the model number online and compare the listed features and specifications to your watch. Photos can also help you confirm details like dial design and subdial functions.

Casio logo: The Casio logo should be crisp and clearly printed on the dial or caseback. Fake logos might be blurry, misshapen, or have a slightly different font.

Manual and warranty card: Authorized Casio retailers typically include a user manual and warranty card with your purchase. These documents should be well-made and free of grammatical errors.

4. Test the Functions:

Stopwatch Test: This method is specific to Edifice chronographs. Pull the crown out to the first position (usually marked “1”). In a genuine Edifice, the sweep hand (often labeled “X”) will move to the 12 o’clock position when the stopwatch reaches 30 minutes. Fakes might not exhibit this behavior.

Manual Check: Consult your watch’s manual for specific functions and operation details. Inconsistencies between the watch’s behavior and the manual can be a sign of a fake.

Still Unsure?

If you’ve done these checks and are unsure about your Edifice’s authenticity, contact Casio customer support for help. They might be able to help by looking at pictures or specific details of your watch.

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