Set an Alarm on Your Baby-G Watch (Easy Guide)

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Alarm Setting Guide: Easy Steps to Set Alarm on Your Baby-G Watch

Do you ever wake up late because you forgot to set your alarm? We’ve all been there! But if you own a Baby-G watch, you have a handy alarm function right on your wrist. This easy guide will walk you through setting an alarm on your Baby-G watch in just a few steps.

Here’s how to set an alarm on your Baby-G watch:

Identifying the buttons:

  • Top left button: A
  • Top right button: B
  • Bottom left button: C (Mode button)
  • Bottom right button: D
  • Bottom middle button: L (Light button)

Setting the Alarm:

  1. Press C (Mode button) four times until you see “AL” and a bell icon on the display.
  2. Press D to choose an empty alarm slot (there can be up to five).
  3. Hold A until you hear a beep. The time will start flashing.
  4. Press C to switch between hours and minutes (whichever is flashing).
  5. Use buttons B and D to adjust the hours and minutes.
  6. Press A again to confirm the time.
  7. Look for “ALM” displayed. If it’s not there, press B to activate the alarm.

Additional Tips:

  • You can check the alarm by switching to the Alarm mode (pressing C four times).
  • Some Baby-G models might have slightly different button configurations. Refer to your watch manual if the above steps don’t work.
  • You can find video tutorials for setting alarms on Baby-G watches by searching online YouTube: “how to set alarm on baby g watch”.

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