Swimming, Saltwater, and Gym – Can You Wear Your G-SHOCK?

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Swimming, Saltwater, and Gym - G-SHOCK: The Ultimate Tough Watch for Every Adventure

Casio G-SHOCK watches are renowned for their toughness. But does that legendary durability translate to real-world activities like swimming, braving the ocean, and withstanding the sweat of a gym session? Let’s dive in (pun intended) and see if your G-SHOCK can keep up with your active life.

Can I swim with my Casio G-Shock?

The good news is most G-SHOCK models are built for swimming. They typically carry water resistance ratings of  200 meters (20 ATM) and above. This means they can withstand being submerged at those depths for short periods. So, feel free to jump in the pool for laps or enjoy a swim at the beach with your G-SHOCK on.

Important to Remember:

  • Water resistance rating: Double-check your specific G-SHOCK model’s water resistance rating. Not all models are created equal.
  • After swimming: Rinse your G-SHOCK with fresh water and dry it thoroughly, especially the strap. This removes any salt residue or chlorine that can potentially damage the watch over time.

Can I wear G-Shock in salt water?

Absolutely! G-SHOCK watches are built to resist corrosion from saltwater. However, after a saltwater swim, it’s even more crucial to rinse your watch with fresh water to remove any salt crystals that might form.

Can I wear G-Shock in gym?

G-SHOCK is a perfect companion for the gym. The shock resistance is ideal for the occasional bump or drop you might encounter during exercise. Features like stopwatches and alarms enhance functionality during exercises. The sweat and moisture won’t harm the watch either.

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