How to Turn Off the Alarm on Digital Casio Watch (4 Buttons)

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Digital Casio Watch Turn Off Alarm Four Buttons

Turning off the alarm on a Casio watch with four buttons can vary. It depends on the specific model. However, we can give you general instructions. They should cover most Casio watches with four buttons. Remember, the button layout and function may vary a bit between models. Here is a general guide:

Turn Off the Alarm on a Digital Casio Watch with Four Buttons

  1. Locate the Mode button: On most Casio watches, the Mode button is used to navigate between different modes, such as Timekeeping, Alarm, Stopwatch, and Timer.
  2. Press the Mode button: This should cycle through the modes until you reach the Alarm mode. The display may show an indicator such as “AL” to signify that you are in the Alarm mode.
  3. Find the Alarm ON/OFF setting: Within the Alarm mode, there should be a way to toggle the alarm on and off. Look for a button labeled “Toggle,” “Adjust,” or something similar.
  4. Press the appropriate button to turn off the alarm: Once you’ve located the Alarm ON/OFF setting, press the corresponding button to toggle the alarm off. The display may show “OFF” to indicate that the alarm is now turned off.
  5. Exit the Alarm mode: After turning off the alarm, press the Mode button again to exit the Alarm mode and return to the normal Timekeeping mode.

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Keep in mind that these instructions are general. Your specific Casio watch model may have different buttons or steps. If you have the manual for your watch, it’s good to refer to it. It has precise instructions for your model. If you don’t have the manual, you can typically find it on the Casio website by searching for your watch’s model number.

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