Casio F-84W Watch: Release Date and Differences from F-91W

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Classic Casio F-84W watch vs. iconic F-91W: Release date & key differences

When was the Casio F-84W released?

The Casio F-84W was released in 1986, making it a true classic in the digital watch world. Over the years, we have introduced variations with additional features. Some have different strap colors. But the core design and functionality of the F-84W have remained remarkably consistent since its debut.

What is the difference between Casio F-84W and F-91W?

Size and Design:


  • Slightly smaller case than the F-91W (38.7mm x 33.4mm vs. 38.2mm x 35.2mm).
  • Thinner case (8.4mm vs. 8.5mm).
  • Narrower strap (13.6mm vs. 15.8mm).
  • More traditional, raised lugs.


  • Slightly larger and thicker.
  • Wider strap.
  • Almost non-existent lugs.

Other features:

  • Both offer the same functionalities: world time, stopwatch, timer, and alarm.
  • Both have electroluminescent backlights.
  • Water resistance: F-84W (30 meters), F-91W (50 meters).

Target Audience and Availability:

F-84W: This model was originally designed for the Japanese market. It tends to be slightly harder to find and might fetch a higher price point due to its “cult classic” status. It appeals to enthusiasts seeking a vintage aesthetic and a smaller, slimmer fit.

F-91W: It is widely available and generally more affordable. It caters to a broader audience who prioritize functionality and affordability. Its larger size and bolder design might resonate with those who prefer a more prominent wrist presence.

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