Casio LTP-V002GL Review

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Casio LTP-V002GL Watch Full Review

In search of a timeless watch that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Casio LTP-V002GL! This classic beauty has a sleek design. It has a gold-plated case and a comfy leather strap. But its charm goes beyond looks. It has a reliable quartz movement, a handy date window, and is surprisingly affordable.

In fact, we classified it as one of our best casio watches for women.

In this review, we will discuss the Casio LTP-V002GL Watch. We’ll discuss its specs, features, design, popularity, user feedback, value, pros, cons and more.

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Casio LTP-V002GL Watch Review

1. Product Specifications

Dial ShapeRound
Dial Window MaterialCrystal
Display TypeAnalog
Case MaterialStainless Steel with gold plating
Case Diameter25 millimeters
Case Thickness10 millimeters
Band MaterialGenuine Leather
Band Width12 millimeters
Band ColorBlack
Dial ColorWhite
Bezel FunctionStationary
Calendar TypeDate
Special FeaturesPerpetual calendar
Item weight24 Grams
Water Resistance30 Meters
Price$26.50 (Check Today’s Price)

2. Features and Functions

  • Date display: Easily keep track of the date with the convenient date display feature.
  • Water resistance: Designed to withstand water exposure up to 30 meters, ensuring durability in daily wear.
  • Quartz movement: Powered by a reliable quartz movement mechanism for accurate timekeeping.
  • Perpetual calendar: Enjoy the convenience of a perpetual calendar. It removes the need for manual adjustments.

3. Design and Aesthetics

  • Stainless steel case with gold plating: The watch boasts a durable stainless steel case with luxurious gold plating, adding a touch of elegance to the design.
  • Genuine leather strap: A genuine leather strap in classic black, providing both style and comfort for all-day wear.
  • Classic round dial: The round dial design offers a timeless appeal, complemented by a crisp white color for easy readability.
  • Sleek and sophisticated: The watch has a sleek profile and sophisticated details. It easily elevates any outfit, from casual to formal.

4. History and Popularity

The Casio LTP-V002GL watch, introduced in 2014, remains in production, reflecting its enduring popularity and style among consumers.

5. User Reviews and Feedback

Casio LTP-V002GL Watch Customer Reviews

It has a great rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It comes from over 330 global ratings. They show that most users are satisfied.

6. Value and Price

The Casio LTP-V002GL-7BUDF delivers great value for the price. It gives style, function, and durability at a low cost. Its price is $26.50. Check out here

7. Pros and Cons


Versatile Style: Many reviewers appreciate the watch’s ability to seamlessly transition from casual to formal wear, making it suitable for various occasions.

Durable Construction: Despite daily wear, the watch holds up well, demonstrating its reliability and longevity.

Water Resistance: Several users commend the watch’s ability to withstand water exposure, making it ideal for activities like washing hands or even light water sports.

Comfortable Fit: Those with smaller wrists particularly praise the comfortable fit of the watch, ensuring it doesn’t feel cumbersome during extended wear.

Affordable Price: Despite its quality and features, the watch comes at an affordable price point, offering excellent value for money.

Easy-to-Read Face: The watch features a practical and attractive face design, making it effortless to tell the time at a glance.

Elegant Design: Many reviewers admire the watch’s elegant and timeless aesthetic, making it a stylish accessory for any outfit.

Date Functionality: The inclusion of a date feature adds extra convenience for users, enhancing the watch’s functionality beyond just telling time.

Quick Delivery: Numerous customers highlight the swift delivery of the product, ensuring they receive their purchase promptly and efficiently.


Difficulty Reading Date: The day and date display might be small and difficult to read, especially in low-light conditions. This watch prioritizes a clean, classic look. If you rely heavily on the day/date function, Casio offers other styles with larger, more readable windows.

Lack of Backlight: The watch does not have a backlight, making it hard to see the time in low light. Not all Casios have a backlight. Consider a different Casio model if illumination is a must-have feature for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Casio LTP-V002GL Watch

Does the watch have a light for nighttime viewing?

No, it does not have a backlight.

Does the watch tick quietly?

Yes, it’s great! I’ve never detected any noise from it. (user said)

Does the watch come with a battery included?

Yes, it already has a battery included.

How long does the watch battery last?

Approximately 3 years.

What kind of battery does the watch use?

SR626SW battery.

What are the dimensions of the watch face?

It measures one inch (1″) wide from side to side and top to bottom.

Is this watch good for everyday wear?

Yes, the classic design, comfortable strap, and water resistance make it suitable for everyday wear.

Is the Casio watch waterproof?

No, the watch is water resistant up to 30 meters. This means it can withstand splashes and light rain, but it’s not suitable for swimming or showering.

Is the leather strap adjustable?

Yes, the genuine leather strap of the watch is adjustable to fit various wrist sizes.


The Casio LTP-V002GL watch has a classic design. It is easy to read and comfy. It is also affordable, depending on the market. It lacks advanced features and color options. But, its timeless look, comfy leather strap, and reliable quartz movement make it a great choice. It’s for those seeking a stylish and practical watch for everyday wear.

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