How to Turn Off the Alarm on Digital Casio Watch (3 Buttons)

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Digital Casio Watch Turn Off Alarm Three Buttons

The process for turning off the alarm on a Casio watch with three buttons may vary by model. But, here are general steps that should work for many Casio watches:

Turn Off the Alarm on a Digital Casio Watch with Three Buttons

  1. Locate the “Mode” button: Look for the button labeled “Mode.” It’s usually one of the buttons on the side of the watch.
  2. Press the “Mode” button: Press the “Mode” button repeatedly until you reach the “Alarm” mode. The mode sequence typically includes Timekeeping, World Time, Alarm, and other modes.
  3. Locate the “Adjust” button: Once you are in the “Alarm” mode, look for the button labeled “Adjust.” This button is usually used to make changes to the settings.
  4. Press and hold the “Adjust” button: Press and hold the “Adjust” button until the time or alarm setting starts flashing. This indicates that you are now in the adjustment mode.
  5. Navigate to the alarm you want to turn off: Use the other buttons (commonly labeled as “Forward” and “Reverse”) to navigate through the different alarms if your watch has multiple alarms. Once you reach the alarm you want to turn off, stop at that point.
  6. Turn off the alarm: After selecting the specific alarm, press the “Mode” or “Toggle” button to switch the alarm status. You might see options like “ON/OFF” or a similar indicator. Toggle it until the alarm is turned off.
  7. Exit the adjustment mode: After turning off the alarm, press the “Adjust” button again or simply wait for the watch to exit the adjustment mode automatically. The flashing display should stop, indicating that the changes have been saved.

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Remember, the exact button labels and sequence may vary based on your specific Casio watch model. If these instructions do not work for your watch, check the user manual that came with it. Or, look for model-specific instructions on the official Casio website.

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